have you always wanted to own a gypsy caravan?

The Pan Box

The Pan Box is found at the rear of the wagon, between the back wheels. As the name suggests, a travelling woman would keep her food and some cooking utensils in here.

Artillery Wheels

These pneumatic tyres and artillery wheels are often chosen in this day and age, rather than the traditional wooden wheels. Mainly because they do not suffer from wood rot, and are quieter when on a modern tarmac road. The tyres are freely available, and do not require a 'drag slipper' when negotiating hills.

Welcome Inside

Here you'll see a chest of drawers a sliding bed that forms a double, a china cabinet, and ample seating. The interior has been 'grained' or 'scumbled', and decorated (as you can see) to a high standard. Keep looking there's more....

The bed spot,showing the rear window
and the curtains

The 'Queenie' Stove

Many a meal has been cooked on this stove. 'Queenie' is short for Queen Anne Stove, and the design was originally American. This stove and many others like it, was made by Smith and Welstood, and has been restored by a British blacksmith, who recast the worn out parts. This stove originally stood in a travelling living wagon that roamed the lanes in Yorkshire, north England. However your stove will be new, and will never have seen a fire. It will have been recast from the original Victorian moulds that still survive.

I can build a wagon like this for you, and decorate it to show condition
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